9.30 – 10am Registration and Coffee


10 – 10.10am Welcome and Opening Remarks


10.10 – 11.05am Panel 1: Re/thinking Avant-gardes (Chaired by Dr. Christian Weikop)


Jean Marie Carey (University of Otago/ Universität Kassel)– “Trigger for a Train of Thought: Franz Marc’s Socialist-Anarchist Utopia”


Lola Lorant (Université Rennes 2) – “The Collision of the Nouveau Réalisme with Dada in the United States”


11.05 – 11.30am Coffee and Networking


11.30 – 12.45pm Panel 2: Bataillean Dialogues (Chaired by Prof. Neil Cox)


Hailey Maxwell (University of Glasgow) – “’Imagine a bullfight for you alone’: Surrealism and Laure’s sacred”

Naomi Stewart (University of Edinburgh) – “Maar, Bataille and the Eye: Aggressive Visuality in Dora Maar’s Photomontage”

Catherine Howe (Courtauld Institute of Art) – “Representing the Self ‘en procès’: Viewing Francis Bacon’s Van Gogh through Georges Bataille and Antonin Artaud”


12.45 – 1.45pm Lunch


1.45 – 2.55pm Keynote Address


Prof. Sanja Bahun (University of Essex) – “The Economy of Discomfort: Mina Loy, the Homeless Body, and the Issues of Aesthetic Reception”


2.55 – 3.15pm Coffee and Networking


3-15 – 4.30pm Panel 3: Cultural Transgressions (Chaired by Dr. Patricia Allmer)


Amelia Miholca (Arizona State University) – “The Romanians of Dada Zurich”

Bárbara Barreiro León (University of Aberdeen/Oviedo) – “Man Ray’s Erotic Photography: Gender Ideal and the Embodiment of the Surreal”

Lena Sideri (University of Edinburgh) – “Social Criticism via Fearless Laughter”


4.30 – 4.45pm Closing Remarks


4.45 – 5.30pm Wine Reception







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